Zayd Talks 2pac Shooting, Calls Out Dexter Issac Funk Flex

“Pac went out like a straight up G man, wasn’t no fear in his eyes”

With the recent Dexter Isaac interview that came out in December from Gully TV, there were a lot of accusations and finger pointing as to what actually happened inside the lobby of Quad Studio on the evening of November 30th 1994. Now, Zayd, who at the time was dating 2pac’s sister, speaks about the events that unfolded that night in detail.

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Zayd speaks to YouTube channel Info Minds and details what happened that night in New York at Quad Studios back in 1994.

Zayd claims he was present that evening and not only witnessed but was involved in the incident. He says that Dexter Isaac’s appearance does not match up to the shooters who were at Quad Studios that night. He also hinted that the shooters were maybe military trained, as they were dressed in fatigues and the gun skills were on point. Speaking on comparing Dexter Isaac to the shooters, Zayd says, “You don’t fit. Your height don’t fit. Your skin complexion don’t fit. Your accent don’t fit, nothing.”

He also touches on the claims that Stretch was involved or keeping people informed of the whereabouts of Tupac that evening. Zayd stated that Stretch wasn’t involved in setting Tupac up. They had gone through a lot and was tight. According to Zayd after the shooting Stretch was upset at ‘Pac’s statement in Vibe magazine where Tupac said Dudes dropped like a sack of potatoes.

After detailing the events that unfolded in the lobby, Zayd addresses Funk Master Flex. In May 2017 in an Instagram live video, Flex referenced the movie 8 Mile comparing ‘Pac to the character Cheddar Bob, who accidentally shoots himself in the crotch. In the live video Funk Master Flex said; “You ‘Pac fans always talking that talk. Cheddar Bob came in there, popped himself in the leg, popped himself first. That’s what happened.”

Zayd speaks on the Funk Flex comments saying; “I wanna clear up this Cheddar Bob shit that Funk Flex is talking. Wasn’t no Cheddar Bob shit, motherfucka hit you in the head with a bullet, you get shot shit happens, him getting shot in the head is what caused him to pull the trigger. It ain’t like ‘Pac didn’t know how to pull his gun, we used to practice this shit. The man knew what he was doing with his gun”

The full interview with Info Minds can be heard below.



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