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Zayd Malik Talks Meeting Nipsey Hussle, Rap Alias As A Teen, Impact On World

The Dinner Club kicks off the show speaking about Nipsey Hussle teen years and more. Dj Don Juan and EDI go to speak about dealing with the lost of Nipsey and the lost of loved ones in general.

Zayd Malik joins the conversation and shares his own personal memories of Nipsey Hussle. Zayd Malik goes on and recalls when he first met Nipsey Hussle, Nipsey as a teen and his rap alias during that time.

EDI Don, DJ Don Juan and Zayd Malik also talk about the Tupac Nipsey impact in the world. Tupac and Nipsey Hussle has been a hot topic since Nipsey passing. Both left their mark on the culture in a positive way. Forever in the hearts of many and those beyong Hip Hop.


This week’s pick of the week from host EDIDON is from Producer Scottzilla. The remix which features Tupac and Nipsey Hussle titled ‘Icon Status‘. ‘Icon Status’ selected by EDI also as his favorite remix from the two icons thus far.

[bctt tweet=”I’m an urban legend, South Central in a certain section,
Can’t express how I curbed detectors,
Guess, it’s evidence of a divine presence,
Blessings, held me down at times I seemed reckless,
– Nipsey Hussle, Victory Lap”]


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