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Yung Miami On Meeting & Twerking For Drake, JT Release, Trina, Sex Raps

“We aint tryna be no role models”

Yung Miami of the City Girls was on Ebro In The Morning Tuesday November 27. She appeared alone for the interview due to the face that JT is still locked up. Although, locked up, JT could possibly be released early 2019 and has kept positive throughout. Yung Miami and JT have been child hood friends since the age of 14 years old.

Yung Miami discusses the name City Girls as she explains at first they went by the names Yung Miami and JT, “We didn’t wanna be no group.” After being encouraged by Coach K to come up with a group name for marketing and other reasons, Yung Miami revealed possible group names at first, “We thought of twosome. Coach was like I think ya’ll should be called City Girls. Ya’ll from the city. From city of Miami. Ya’ll hood.” Yung Miami also touches on how the relationship with Coach K came about.

Yung Miami also talks knowing Trina since she was a little girl and her reaction to City Girls rapping. She also reveals her relationship status, sex raps, stealing credit cards and Drake reaching out to P and letting him know he had a record for the City Girls. Yung Miami explains her relationship with Drake, “I met Drake at his party. He was like yo, you nasty.”


Hear the full interview below to hear more about Yung Miami twerking for Drake and performing together.


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