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Young Noble Showcases New Death Row Records Ewing 33

Death Row Records and Ewing Athletics have teamed up for a limited edition sneaker collab. Red and black sneakers are part of the Ewing 33 Hi collection and set for release in April 2019.

death row records ewing 33 hi

Death Row Records was originally formed in 1991. The same era under which Patrick was a dominant force within the NBA and lead the Knicks to the playoffs.
We join forces with @deathrowrecords to release a limited 33 HI. To pay tribute to one of the most distinguished and influential labels in history. – Ewing Athletics


Death Row Ewing 33 will be showcased and available exclusively at the Pop-Up event on April 10. Presented by Death Row Records and Bait the event held in Los Angeles California.

death row ewing event

Young Noble of the Outlawz did not have to wait until April to get his hands on these limited edition sneakers. Via his Instagram, Young Noble thanked Ewing Athletics for sending him a pair of the Death Row Ewing 33 Hi. Captioning the video with #MyEra.

Previously Outlawz collaborated with Ewing Athletics to deliver the Outlaw Ewing 33 Hi. Outlaw 96 represented the year in which the Outlawz burst onto the scene. An infamous year where Tupac and the Outlawz dominated hip hop and left their mark in such a short period of time.

outlaw ewing 33

Outlaw Ewing collab sneakers aren’t available, but the Official Outlaw clothing is available via outlawuniversity.net/.

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