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Young Noble Responds To Suge Knight Facing 28 Years In Prison

Former co-founder of Death Row records, Suge Knight has plead no contest and could be released from prison at age 79.

TMZ reported on Thursday that Suge Knight who is now 53 years old admitted to using a weapon when he rammed his Ford F-150 into two men back in January 2015. The incident took place during the set of Straight Outta Compton.

Suge Knight will be credited for the time he has already served, which will decrease the 28 year sentence. After his released he will face three year probation. Suge Kinght was also informed by the judge that he will most likely be deported after being convicted. Suge mocked this order by saying, “So, ICE can come and get me.”


Young Noble of the Outlawz toke to Instagram to give his thoughts on Suge Knight, “Damn so they gave Big Suge 28 years man its crazy an unfortunate how his life turned out! I don’t wish death or prison on anybody. I’m sending prayers out to everyone involved in that situation where Terry Carter lost his life.”

Young Noble was in Death Row records in 1996 along with Tupac and the Outlawz. “I remember being around Deathrow with all the nonsense that was goin on. It was still a dream come true for us,” Noble remembering the ups and downs of the Death Row days. “Although (ishh) got (messed) up an alot of people died in the process it was still a honor to be apart of that Death row movement back then it was some historical but tragic times!”


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