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Young Noble Drops New Music Video ‘Faith’ Featuring Aktual

Young Noble brings truth and substance to the world as he releases the new video for his song ‘Faith’.

The song is from Young Noble’s fourth official album, 3rd Eye View, released September 13, 2019 via Outlaw Records. Speaking exclusively to O4L Online Network about the album, Young Noble emphasized the lyrical content of truth and substance. “This 1 of them albums you just press play and let it ride. Twelve songs of substance, truth, dope beats & bars! If you a fan of my music this is a album you will definitely love.”

Young Noble, Outlaw University clothing

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The powerful song ‘Faith’ features Atlanta artist and regular Outlaw collaborator, Aktual, who sings the harmonizing hook. Directed by Jae Synth, the video was shot in late July 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. With emotional breathtaking views of the pyramids and Egyptian heartland, the visuals intertwine with the message of the song.

Young Noble Recalls Tupac’s Lesson Passed Down To Him In ‘Faith’

In a world full of hate and negativity, Young Noble brings new motivation and hope in the form of uplifting lyrics. Starting out with a dedication to Nipsey Hussle, the Outlaw veteran references late friend and former group mate Tupac Shakur.

Calling upon the knowledge Tupac passed on, Young Noble raps, “I remember ‘Pac told me, ‘life’s a sport, you’ve gotta play it to win and play it for keeps.” Since Tupac’s death, Young Noble and Edi Don, are still playing to win and carrying the Oulaw torch ‘Pac left them.

Actual compliments the song by singing the hook, “You’ve gotta be thankful for the simple things. Like family and lovers I’ma keep my faith.”

young noble

In closing the song, Noble dishes out advice that comes from personal life experience. Although he’s truly represented what Tupac once started, Young Noble has had his fair share of haters. Whether assassinating his character or talking down his music, Noble kept pushing and winning throughout his whole career.

As the music fades out, Young Noble says, “stay focused young King. They goin’ do everything in their power to try to take you down, knock you off your motherf***** square, assassinate your character, lie on you, hate on you. They wanna see you fail nigga. It’s your motherf***** duty to keep winning young nigga you heard. Outlaw 4 Life.”

3rd Eye View available on all platforms and can be found via outlawuniversity.net.


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