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Young Noble Deuce Deuce New Album Growth

Young Noble and Deuce Deuce have released their latest album, titled ‘Growth’.

‘Growth’ is the latest in a string of collaborative album’s between the two rappers. Some of the artists featured on the album include Edi Don, Aktual, FOS and Tha Realest.

In 2013 the pair released their first collaborative album, ‘Fast Life’, on Concrete Enterprises/Outlaw Recordz. Since then Young Noble and Deuce Deuce have released ‘The Code’ (2016) and ‘For My People’ (2017).

Deuce Deuce recently went on the ground breaking ‘Motherland Tour’ with The Outlawz last November and December. The tour saw the legendary group tour South Africa fir the first time in their history.

All G Ft. Young Noble – No Days Off (Official Music Video)

Speaking to WorldWide Entertainment TV, Toronto native Deuce Deuce remembers back to how he first came to collaborate with The Outlawz. “I heard they were doing a show up here and I hit up DJ La like ‘Yo can we open up for them?’ He hooked me up with their road manager at the time, then he made the link with Young Noble. That’s my brother, my homie right there.”

Real Lyrics with Substance

Among some of the tracks included on ‘Growth’ is a single that came out in mid February 2019 called ‘Pain into Champagne’. This track also features fellow Outlawz member Edi Don, who’s verse highlights how successful they have been.

“Immortalized my rap lines they travel time.” “Another album do a movie, what the fu** next? Do radio yeah I play my own sh**, write scripts hit another lit, take a trip. Yeah, we book shows Cabana life hoe, selling water more to come, man, I’m on one.”

Another single off the album is ‘Kings & Queens’. The music video for ‘Kings & Queens’, shot in South Africa whilst on their Motherland Tour, is directed by Jae Synth. It was one of four music videos shot in South Africa at the end of 2018.

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