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Young Noble, Deuce Deuce Drop “Priceless” Official Music Video

The latest music video from Young Noble and Deuce Deuce dropped and its “Priceless” in more ways than one.

Releasing the music video for the song “Priceless” on the OutlawzVEVO Young Noble and Deuce Deuce certainly go deep lyrically. Releasing their first collaborative album “Fast Life” in 2013 on Concrete Enterprises/Outlaw Recordz, the two rappers gel well together. Since then, the pair have released four albums, all of which have deep lyrical content.

Their latest collaboration, “Watch The Signs“, from which “Priceless” is taken from, dropped on July, 17 on all platforms. Previously, Young Noble spoke about his work ethic and making quality music, adapting a “Neva not working” attitude.

Young Noble starts off his verse dropping jewels that empower and uplift the listener. The Outlaw veteran begins talking about how powerful the mind is and how you can bounce back from negativity. Spitting over the uplifting beat, Noble raps; “Power of the mind can heal ya own wounds, Ego’s get bruised can seal your own doom.”

In the music video shot and edited by Dave Schnell, Young Noble wears a black t-shirt with the apt slogan “Truth and Soul” on the front. He goes on to reveal his mother told him “The struggle was my friend.” With going through so much pain losing friends over the years, Noble can speak from experience. His pain oozes out but comes across with a positive vibe for the listeners.

Young Noble and Deuce Deuce Watch The Signs Album Cover

That positive vibe carries into the chorus, with Young Noble knowing the history of racism and the put down. “Throughout history, they taught us we was worthless (Worthless), Just the opposite our value is priceless.” His message to young Kings and Queens is keep shining throughout the struggles and to know their true value.

Deuce Deuce comes in on the second verse, following from where his comrade Young Noble left off. He takes it back to his younger days, struggling so turned to hustling, as he says; “Made something out of nothing.”

In a recent interview with O4L Online Network, Deuce Deuce said that music is a form of expression. He sticks with that on “Priceless”, touching on recent events of police brutality with the lyric; “Cops kill us, get away with it like they got a license.” The Canadian Hip Hop artist dishes out his own advice relating to achieving goals. He encourages the people to “Make that move” and to not fear of what awaits them.


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