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Young Noble Advice To Hip Hop After Jeezy Verzuz Gucci Mane

Outlawz member Young Noble who is no stranger to Hip Hop beefs gave advice to Hip Hop after Jeezy Verzuz Gucci Mane.

Thursday night (November 19) saw the premiere of season 2 for the Verzuz series. Jeezy matched up his catalog against long time rival Gucci Mane. Unlink previous battles, there were tense moments but at the end the two artists performed the 2005 hit So Icy, calling a truce. “I appreciate you for extending the olive branch, I respect that,” Gucci said.

Young Noble

Posting a clip of the So Icy performance via IG, Young Noble wrote a message for Hip Hop. “Dear Hiphop: Its OK to grow the (f) up, Its OK to mature, Its OK to forgive, Its OK to heal, Its OK to wanna live, Its OK to put pride aside an let go of old beefs!!”

Young Noble along with the Outlawz and Tupac Shakur was involved in one of the most infamous Hip Hop beefs of all time. Biggie vs Tupac. Although he did not appear on the classic diss record ‘Hit ‘Em Up’, Noble was front and center riding for Pac.

Years later after the lost of Shakur and Biggie Smalls, the Outlawz linked up with Lil Cease, Biggie’s close friend and member of Junior M.A.F.I.A. Young Noble along with Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean and Lil Cease appeared on the song Bury The Hatchet featured by DJ Kay Slay.

“Regardless of their past issues these dudes have a mutual respect for each other they both made somethin outta nothin and they was friends first. Only people who have a problem wit that is people who never really been through real beef real street shit in real life and don’t fully understand the consequences or people who would simply rather see us destroy ourselves!,” Noble continued in his IG caption.

Outlawz received backlash from some Tupac fans for their collaboration with Lil Cease, but those really involved and who knew Shakur and Biggie Smalls felt it was the right call. “Y’all fans gotta stop that devil mentality (ishh) y’all get online an instigate an really root for (brothers) to kill each other just for y’all entertainment! Y’all really wanna see successful black men that beat the odds 50 years old still out here beefin, making diss records, goin to prison or dying! Its disgusting!!,” Noble said in his caption Friday afternoon (Novemeber 20).

As far as healing and growing after the Verzuz showdown, Jeezy is confident it will only get better between himself and Gucci Mane, “It’s been going on for two decades and it was a point when we were cool. And, I just think everybody got in the middle of us,” Jeezy explained in his post-verzuz interview with The Breakfast Club. “The real (ishh) that went on, that is something me and him are gonna have to figure out later on.”

Like Noble, Jeezy is looking to set a path for those coming up next. “I understand it, the more and more it goes on, the worst it’s gonna be. We are the forefront of it, so anybody behind us think that’s the way to go.”

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Closing out his caption and message to Hip Hop, Noble wished Tupac and Biggie had the chance to do the same. “Salute to these Kings @jeezy@laflare1017 for doin this shit for the Culture I’m lovin it its a WIN for all of us! Way too many Young Black Kings die in these streets everyday over nonsense that could of been prevented with a conversation and understanding! I wish Pac & Big had a chance to live to have that conversation!!!! Positivity is the real gangsta shit believe that!!!! Salute!!!!”


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