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Young Dolph Featured on Slim 400’s “Shake Back”

Nothing was going to stop Slim 400 from releasing his latest project ‘Shake Back’, which also features Young Dolph. Not multiple gun shot wounds, not his label EMPIRE.

In early April, Slim 400 expressed his eagerness to release the new project despite his label suggesting other wise. Slim would take to Instagram as he posted the cover for the album, with the following caption, “Told the label I wanna drop my preorder today Byeee.”

The day has come, as ‘Shake Back’ has dropped today (April 24). The twelve song EP features Quincy White, Desert Baby, Big Quis, Steelz, G-Eazy, and Young Dolph.

Dolph featured on the song ‘Shake Back’, has also been busy with new music of his own. After announcing to fans he was quitting music to spend more time with his family, Dolph recently dropped a new single in ‘Sunshine’.

Changing his month on retiring, Young Dolph credits his son for the sudden change. “My son just told me I can’t be his dad if I stop putting out music,” he wrote in an Instagram story.”

Now Young Dolph finds himself featured on Slim 400’s ‘Shake Back’. The song is rumored to have it’s own music video very soon.

“It’s the shake back, n****, shake back / You talk that big money shit, where your cake at? / The rules ain’t fair, but we ain’t make that / I asked for sixty P’s, he bought forty, I’ll take that / Add that shit up until you can’t no more”


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