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Young Buck Takes Aim At 50 Cent, The Impeachment Coming Soon

Young Buck who is set to release his new mixtape titled ‘The Impeachment’, took aim at 50 Cent via Instagram.

For a few days now, 50 Cent’s Instagram account has been mysteriously disabled. No comment from 50 as of yet. 50 Cent who is known for trolling and poking fun on his IG, could it be possible that he has been banned from Instagram?

50’s most recent controversial post came towards his own Power cast member, Naturi Naughton. 50 Cent would compare Naturi’s headline to that of Goro from the video game Mortal Kombat. Speaking to Page Six, Naturi said it’s time to move on, “He knew what he did was shady and apologized for it. He realized it wasn’t the nicest thing to do. I accepted his apology, I’ve moved on.”


50 Cent would continue his antics via Twitter since he no longer has an Instagram account. This time again towards Naturi after he had already apologize to her.

Naturi Naughton, decided not to make matters worst and posted the following response, “There’s so much I wanna say but… You don’t even have an Instagram account so… 🤷🏾‍♀‍ why waste my characters or come out of my CHARACTER! But do pick up a copy of my upcoming book: #whatNOTtoDoWhenYoureABoss 🤦🏾‍♀‍ #ImNotACharacter #IAmARealPerson #IAmAWoman #IAmABlackWoman.”

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Impeach 50 Cent?

Young Buck who’s up and down history with 50 Cent is well documented used this opportunity to poke his own fun at his former label mate. Captioning an image of him and 50 Cent posses together, Buck writes “TheImpeachment SOUNDTRACK DROPPING SOON @50cent 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥….If Only You Could Respond…”

Not only is Buck poking fun at the fact 50 Cent doesn’t currently have an IG account, but also perhaps insinuating “Impeachment” on 50 Cent’s character and actions over the years.

Young Buck’s direction for the new project is quite clear. Motivation. Sel-motivation to be exact as stated by Young Buck with a preview of the mixtape via Instagram.

If the mixtape drops at the end of 2019, it would be Young Buck’s third mixtape of the year. His last mixtape ‘Compulsive‘ was released via The Dispensary label on April 12th.

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