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Young Buck Reflects On The Time He Battled Lil Wayne At 14 Years Old

Appearing on VLAD TV, Young Buck revealed how he once battled Lil Wayne at the age of 14 right in front of Birdman.

It all came about when Buck and a friend were listening to BG and decided to call the number listed on the back of the album as a joke. To their surprise, the call was answered and was told they could book Cash Money for a show for $5,000. Buck’s friend got the 5K together and made it happen regardless of having any knowledge of putting a show together.

Young Buck was brought to the studio once Cash Money hit their city and history was made. “The first person I seen was Lil Wayne,” Buck recalls. “He walked by and Jimmy was like, ‘Come here man’. And Baby was there. Baby’s first words to me, I never forget them in life was when he looked at me up and down and he said, ‘Spit something lil one’.”

Young Buck Reflects On The Time He Battled Lil Wayne At 14 Years Old

Young Buck was ready for this moment. Although he had not written much raps when he first started his love for the music, but on this particular day he was ready. Buck who was writing everyday. “At that time he just caught me at the best time of probably my young life,” Buck explained. “I use to write a lot to other peoples beats of the music that was out. When he told me to spit something I was ready.”

The two artist took turns rapping in front of Birdman. “It turned into one of those things where it was clearly a battle and even till this day.” So who won? Well Buck won’t declare himself the winner, nor will he give the title to Wayne, but one thing was for sure he came out of the room respected according to Young Buck.

“When they left, Baby was saying, ‘Hey I need to bring him with me. I’m going to make him a part of Cash Money’. And that’s exactly what happened with my life.”

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