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Young Buck Isn’t Worried About 50 Cent: Can’t Stop God’s Plan

During part 31 of Young Buck’s interview with VLAD TV, the former G-Unit member spoke about maturing and not focusing on 50 Cent’s antics.

Young Buck has been extremely transparent in his interview with DJ Vlad. His up and down relationship with 50 Cent from the fallout to the reunion to falling out again, all has been covered in detail.

Fif’s most recent attack on Buck was when the Cashville artist was allegedly with a transgender. 50 Cent wasted no time and mocked Buck and tried once again to discredit his name.

Young Buck Isn't Worried About 50 Cent: Can't Stop God's Plan

But for Young Buck, he isn’t worried about Fif anymore when it comes to petty situations. Buck is more focused on moving forward and correcting what will eventually benefit him in the long run. Like when Buck found out he was not receiving royalty checks that he was entitled to. SoundExchange would end up giving Buck three years with of checks and informed 50 Cent that they would no longer send Buck’s royalty checks to G-Unit Incorporated, Fif’s company.

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From that moment on, once again 50 Cent distanced himself from Young Buck. “He started to send cease and desist out to YouTube, iTunes, and all of these different companies and stopping my wave of being able to make any type of music,” Buck explains. “He will soon realize you can’t stop gods plan, even now.”


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