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Young Buck Given An Ultimatum By 50 Cent Which Led To Their Fallout

Appearing on VLAD TV, Young Buck spoke about the start of his fallout with 50 Cent, which involved being forced to fire his manager and good friend Sha Money XL.

Buck’s fallout with 50 Cent started when Fif and G-Unit President, Sha Money XL, had money issues. 50 would then advise G-Unit members to find a new manager and part ways with Sha Money, a decision that Young Buck did not agree with.

“At the time Sha was the President of the company. The manager of me, Banks, and Yayo. He wore so many different hats. The producer. He did everything,” Buck explained on VLAD TV. “I had to make a decision on whether I am going to continue with him being my manager or not.”

Sha Money XL

An extremely tough decision for Buck. One that many do not understand. Not only had he released his second studio album in “Buck The World” and Sha was the only manager he had ever worked with, but Buck was also Sha Money’s best man at his wedding.

“Me and Sha were probably closer than me and 50,” Buck said. “I didn’t know their situation was that serious to the point that I needed to fire Sha. So Banks and Yayo carried that out, but I didn’t. And, when I didn’t, that’s what started everything.”

50 Cent quickly distanced himself from Young Buck to the point where Fif and the rest of G-Unit performed at shows without Buck. Sha Money and Buck were also left to continue promoting and pushing the “Buck The World” album. “That’s why a lot of that project didn’t do as well as the first one,” Buck said.

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