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Young Buck Denies Ever Kissing Birdman, But Lil Wayne Did

Continuing the slow release of his Young Buck interview, in this recent clip via VLAD TV, Young Buck talked about Lil Wayne kissing Birdman and whether or not he participated.

Lil Wayne kissing Birdman became a hot topic when a photo of the actually incident leaked on the internet which till this day many can’t seem to comprehend.

Young Buck co-signed what Tuck, former Cash Money rapper, said in a previous interview about witnessing Birdman and Lil Wayne kissing on the lips.

Young Buck Denies Ever Kissing Birdman, But Lil Wayne Did
Lil Wayne, Birdman (Gary Gershoff, Getty Images)

But, Young Buck also made it very clear that “Baby never played with me like that”, said the former G-Unit artist. As a matter of fact according to Buck and Tuck, Juvenille never participated in what Tuck called “MOB” like activities such as kissing each other on the lips. “Let me clear that up, you understand what I’m saying. I never seen Baby play with Juvenile like that.”

Young Buck who started his rap career with Cash Money as a teenager when he battled Lil Wayne in studio, tried to explain what the kissing meant for those involved. “But Turk is right. I seen him kinda do it in a playful manner. It probably wasn’t how Turk explained to you. I don’t know if it was a Mafia or what it was, but to me, it was something that I viewed as that’s them. I think I seen Wayne, Turk, and even BG kinda push that in a point in time as far as the embracement that he had with them and they had this fatherly bond with Baby like that, so you know, I guess that’s what that came from.”

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