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Yo-Yo Talks Dating Tupac Shakur, Calls Him The Best Entertainer

Music artist, Yo-Yo, recently spoke with Murder Master Music Show where she spoke about he relationship with Tupac Shakur.

During the early to mid nineties, Hip Hop artist YoYo, was a notable female rapper who gave us hits like “You Can’t Play with My Yo-Yo” and “Black Perl”. It was during these times that she also dated Tupac Shakur.

Before dating the Hip Hop icon, Yo-Yo first fell in love with his music. “Pac, he was a hothead, he was a sh*t talker! He thought he was the best. He was the best entertainer that I remember. He had a swag about him when he touched that stage. I fell in love with him as an artist, first. Just, his love for music, his passion for people, he was a young rider.”

Yo-Yo Talks Dating Tupac Shakur, Calls Him The Best Entertainer
Tupac and Yo-Yo

“He was a young Malcolm X, he was a young Black Panther, he was a street n***a. “He was all of that mixed up in one and he had a penmanship when it came to writing lyrics like nobody else. He lived it, he breathed it, it was in his walk,” Yo-Yo said during her interview with Murder Master Music Show.

It was that confidence that Yo-Yo loved about Tupac. “Cocky ass n***a! Very cocky. I loved him, though! I loved him. I loved his confidence. He was… It’s sad that he is not here today because I always say our families would still be in contact with each other. I’m in contact with his family and I work with his sister [Sekyiwa Shakur] and their organization the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation… The fact that he’s not here seeing our kids grow up.”

Many may not know that Yo-Yo was slated to do the hook for the original version of ‘Dear Mama’, along with Richard Prayer.. According to DJ Assassin both were originally on the ‘Dear Mama’ chorus.

As explained in an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Yo-Yo wouldn’t make the final version of the song. As explained by DJ Assassin, Ice Cube did not allow the clearance of Yo-Yo-‘s vocals on the song.

According to Assassin Tupc broke the news to him the next day they had finished putting the song together. “We can’t use the Yo-Yo part,” says Tupac. “Pat Sharne wouldn’t clear the sample.”

After hearing this, Assassin quickly realize that this was indeed Ice Cube’s call to not allow Yo-Yo to appear on ‘Dear Mama’. Pat was the manager for Ice Cube and Yo-Yo at the time. “I knew that was Ice Cube’s call right there. Cause she knows Hip-Hop but she can’t be like the shot caller of saying ‘hey you can’t use it ‘. Everything has to be approved by Ice Cube.

Yo-Yo at the time did not even know she was on the original ‘Dear Mama’ song until about five years ago. Assassin would finally break the news to Yo-Yo after seeing her on Money B’s show. Yo-Yo was not happy about the news.

According to Assassin, at the time, neither was Tupac. “Tupac was mad as F***. He was mad. “I never seen him mad like this unless somebody was fighting with him. This was on the business tip. I never seen ‘Pac get mad on the business tip.”

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Tupac lost respect for Ice Cube, as he and Assassin couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t clear the Yo-Yo sample. They had other artists samples such as Scarface, but when it came to Yo-Yo, Ice Cube blocked the clearance.


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