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Yo-Yo Confirms Dating Tupac, Says Tupac Was Fascinated With Jada

Yo-Yo puts rumors to rest, when she appeared on Sway In The Morning, confirming she dated Tupac Shakur.

Sway asked Yo-Yo about the rumors and was shock with her reply, “Back then people use to think you and ‘Pac were dating.” When Yo-Yo admitted to dating Tupac, Sway was surprised, “oh ya’ll did date?!”

When asked by Sway how long they dated, Yo-Yo still feels she is still his. “Oh goodness, all his life. I’m still his, till this day,” said Yo-Yo. He became, he was what, we became great friends on the road. Met each other early, ’89. When ‘Pac first came out here and we dated. We became great friends which later ended up in a relationship, which turned into a friendship.”

According to Yo-Yo the relationship just wouldn’t work out as she didn’t want to be confined to a relationship while starting her music career. “The relationship just couldn’t last. You know I was just introducing myself to the industry. You know I wanted to be free,” Yo-Yo explained.

Yo-yo confirms dating tupac
Tupac and Yo-Yo

The relationship between Yo-Yo and Tupac started early on as she indicated. As early as ’89 when Tupac was with Digital Underground. “This was the beginning. We was both on tour. I was working with Ice Cube and he was dancing for Digital Underground.”

When describing Tupac at an early age, Yo-Yo says Tupac was a dreamer. “I mean we talked about dreams. We talked about his family life. Talked about growing up. Just stories. I knew about Jada Pinkett long before the world knew about her. His fascination with her. They went to school together. Was his bestfriend, but I already knew he had a love for her.”

“He talked about his sister. I mean his sister and I are very close friends till this day. I mean he wanted me to mentor his sister Sekyiwa. And, Sekyiwa and I are still friends till this day. I flew out to New York to the Cotton Club for one of her things.”

Yo-Yo also recalls a time her and Tupac went to perform at a prison and the riot that took place. Plus her battle raps with Tupac, “You know ‘Pac’s somebody, I honestly, he used to see me and say call me uncle ‘Pac. We use to battle all the time.”


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