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YG Update: Will He Perform At The 62nd Annual Grammy Show?

Nipsey Hussle’s tribute at the 62nd Annual Grammy award show on Sunday is in jeopardy. Hip Hop artist, YG who was scheduled to perform part of a tribute to late Nipsey Hussle, is behind bars.

As reported by TMZ, YG was arrested on Friday morning January 24. The Compton music star was charged with suspicion of robbery. His attorney Joe Tacopina told TMZ, “This arrest is one that caught YG completely off guard because there is no truth to them. YG has no idea what investigators are talking about and we have not been provided with any details … we are learning about this case through the media.”

YG Update: Will He Perform At The 62nd Annual Grammy Show?
Photo courtesy of TMZ

Many within the Hip Hop industry are questioning the timing of the arrest. The Game took to his official Twitter account to express these concerns while using the hashtag #LAPDtheBiggestGangHere.

YG’s attorney also seems to think the timing of the arrest raises some eyebrows. “YG has a performance scheduled at The Grammy’s Sunday where he will honor Nipsey Hussle … so the timing is suspect, to put it mildly,” Joe Tacopina tells TMZ.

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YG’s bail is currently set at $250,000 with his attorney confident of the overall outcome. “Rest assured, my client will be cleared of all charges, if they even survive past the arraignment, Tacopina says to TMZ.

Now with his latest arrest, YG will most likely not perform with the likes of John Legend, Meek Mill, and DJ Khaled in part of a Nipsey Hussle tribute.

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