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Tupac Shakur’s Passing Affected Yaki Kadafi Tremendously

In 2018, former Outlawz member Napoleon stated that Yaki Kadafi took it very hard when Tupac passed away. As one can expect, Tupac’s passing was hard for everyone who loved and was touched by Tupac.

Napoleon went live on his Instagram where he invited friends and fans to ask him questions. Speaking on how Tupac dying affected Yaki Kadafi, Napoleon said it certainly had a negative impact.

Yaki Kadafi, real name Yafeu Fula, grew up with Tupac Shakur and was his Godbrother. Yafeu’s parents were part of the Black Panther Party and knew Tupac’s mother, Afeni, very well. Growing up Tupac and his sister, Sekyiwa, formed a tight relationship with Yafeu.

In 1994, sixteen-year-old Yafeu took the stage name of Young Hollywood in the hip-hop group Dramacydal. The group later changed their to the Outlawz and given names of enemies of America. Yafeu’s name in the group was Yaki Kadafi after the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Yaki Kadafi
Childhood friends Yaki Kadafi & Tupac

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With being close to Tupac throughout his life and career, the news of his death devastated Yaki Kadafi. In the video, re-uploaded to YouTube, Napoleon tells of how he stayed with Kadafi following ‘Pac’s death for a month. As a result, he witnessed the pain Kadafi went through. He said “every day I saw him he was out of it, it really affected him. When I was looking in his face he didn’t even want to live anymore.”

Yaki Kadafi Looked Out For Napoleon

Napoleon also breaks down his relationship with Yaki Kadafi, stating that Yaki would look out for him. In those days, Napoleon drank every day with problems arising if he had too much. Therefore, Kadafi would look at Napoleon and instantly know when enough was enough. “There are videos that somebody sent me that was online, I think it was the House of Blues concert. You see Kadafi walking up to me and taking the cup out my hand.” He added, “that was my man, he was a soldier definitely a real dude, 100% solid.”

On November 10, 1996, while in a housing project hallway in Irvington, New Jersey, Yaki Kadafi was fatally shot. This happened just short of two months after Tupac Shakur was murdered.


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