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Xzibit Interview Talks Pimp My Ride, New Album, West Coast

Xzibit was interview by The Breakfast Club where DJ Envy touched on the fact that the younger generation may only know Xzibit from the show, Pimp My Ride. Xzibit went on to explain how that show came about, “We were the first. So, I feel like um you know, when we did that, I was already getting my cars done at west coast custom. The producer Rick Hurvitz came and asked if i wanted to host the show. I never hosted anything before. It just happen to happen like that. It wasn’t anything planned.”

At first Xzibit felt Pimp My Ride hurt his music career, “In the beginning I felt like it hurt my career. I wasn’t able to tour. I wasn’t able to continue building Xzibit as an MC. All of a sudden it became almost bigger than the music, because it was you know worldwide and it was on MTV. I was on these networks that were pushing it around the world. More than they were pushing my music. At the beginning it felt it hurt because I love Hip hop. I love being here. Love creating it. I love being a part of it.”

Xzibit also talks the love for the West Coast, bring from Detroit, Pimp My Ride and his new album. Watch the full Xzibit interview with The Breakfast Club below.


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