WWE Superstar R-Truth Reflects On Meeting Tupac

WWE Superstar and the WWE 24/7 Champion (For the moment) R-Truth recently spoke about meeting Tupac Shakur.

In an episode of WWE Ride Along, R-Truth and Carmella are seen driving after a WWE live event as the conversation of Hip Hop came about. WWE Ride Along takes the WWE fan on an inside look as their favorite WWE superstars travel the world, sharing stories amongst themselves.

In this particular story R-Truth explains his connection with the Hip Hop world. “Being around the hood, I just got involved with rap,” says R-Truth. “I’m talking about Sugar Hill Gang, Will Smith, Digital Underground. That’s where I met Tupac.”

R-Truth met Tupac after Tupac had done the movie Juice. “He knew how to work a crowd. He knew how to work people,” explained R-Truth.

Previously the R-Truth Tupac photo had already surfaced. R-Truth in an interview with The Source in 2014 explained his encounter with Tupac. “That was awesome. I met Tupac pretty much right after he did the movie Juice, so he was already with Digital Underground, but he was on his own rise at this time. He was very humble, down to earth, a very cool guy. In fact, he actually paid for my food a couple of times – I mean he was very humble dude,” said R-Truth.

This wouldn’t be the first time a WWE Superstar has mentioned Tupac’s influence on them. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson first ever entrance music was selected by The Rock himself. The song would be, Tupac’s All Eyez On Me.

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“All Eyez on Me was my ring music. After the match the promoter came to me & was like “Dee, you can’t use this music! Theirs kid’s out there, theirs a lot of motherfucka’s in the song and N words”, I was like well I’m sorry to tell, I gotta’ be me, I have integrity and if I go out there then this is my ring music,” explained The Rock via social media.


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