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Won’t Be Easy Music Video By Young Noble And Deuce Deuce

Continuing their string of collaboration albums along with multiple music videos, on Thursday night (September 9) Young Noble and Deuce Deuce dropped the visuals for Won’t Be Easy, adding to the collection.

Featured on Young Noble and Deuce Deuce’s fifth collaboration studio album Watch The Signs, their latest single Won’t Be Easy the duo get personal as they reflect on the struggles of life.

“Everyday is a beautiful struggle, the more God loves you / Took a couple of loses, but I never stopped / Stayed working, kept something cooking in the pot / This music got me around the world, I ain’t seen the block / F–k a hater, getting paper since a teenybop,” raps Young Noble on Won’t Be Easy.

Speaking on the Heart Of An Outlaw show, Deuce Deuce spoke about following social trends, which has never been the case for himself and Young Noble. ” We need music. That’s our platform. Let’s change the top 10. Challenge your top 10 artists to talk about what’s going on now,” Deuce Deuce explained. “Write something. Use your platform.” (View the full Deuce Deuce IG Live interview.)

Young Noble and Deuce Deuce Watch The Signs Album which features Won't Be Easy and Priceless


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