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Win A Limited Edition Tupac Merch Bundle Honoring Poetry Month

The Tupac Poetry Month Competition is back for a second year announced the Tupac EState.

Winners of the poetry contest will receive a limited edition merchandise bundle from the Tupac Estate. The bundle is said to be inspired by the poetry of Tupac Shakur.

The announcement was made earlier in the month of April via the official Tupac Instagram. In the video post you can hear Afeni Shakur saying she is grateful for every single piece of poetry by her son, but her favorite was “A River That Flows Forever”.

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Tupac (Photo by Dana Lixenberg)

Words from that particular Tupac poem is displayed throughout the short 24-second video post with the caption, “As strong as a smile can be, the river will flow forever. In honor of Poetry Month, submit your own original poem for a chance to win a limited edition merchandise bundle.”

In 2009 Tupac’s poetry collection was released in a paperback titled ‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete‘.

There are three simple steps to follow if you would like to enter the poetry contest.

  1. Write & submit an original poem that does not exceed 1,000 characters in length including the title.
  2. Submit a valid email address along with legal first and last name. Click here to start your submission.
  3. Winners will be contacted via email to claim their prize.

There is a certain entry guidelines one must follow which can be read here.

Along with the celebration of poetry month, the Tupac Estate has also released exclusive merchandise. For every piece of merchandise sold, the Tupac Estate will donate $5 to the UNICEFF USA.

The UNICEFF USA strives to help children to have a better world. Working with governments, civic leaders, celebrities, corporations, campus groups, churches, teachers, and anyone willing to help them advocate for the survival and well-being of every child.


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