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Will Smith Didn’t Want Jada Pinkett Around Tupac

Reggie Wright Jr. interview with the Art Of Dialogue has giving his thoughts on the relationship between Jada Pinkett and Tupac Shakur.

It is well documented Tupac and Jada had a very unique bond and friendship. A bond that began in their High School days at the Baltimore School of Performing Arts.

Jada has publicly expressed how much that bond has meant to her. Most recently during an interview with MTV News Jada stated that she still thinks about Tupac everyday.


Reggie Wright Jr. claims Will Smith did not want Jada around Tupac when they first started dating.

Reggie also talks about Jada Pinkett paying for Tupac’s studio session during the pre-death row days. During the session Tupac and Jada were in a rush as they were set to go on vacation in Hawaii says Reggie.

California Love music video is discussed during the interview. The truth behind who originally came up with the concept for the video is unknown. Jada Pinkett has publicly stated that it was her idea but at the time was unable to direct the video. While Reggie believes DR. Dre was orginally behind the concept.

All this and more on Jada Pinkett and Tupac Shakur. A must listen!


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