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Will Remix, As Will Smith Makes Joyner Lucas Dream Come True

On March of 2020, Joyner Lucas went against all odds as he finally released his debut album “ADHD”. An album that featured a tribute song to his idol Will Smith, which has now turned into a ‘Will Remix’.

For Joyner Lucas, having his childhood idol in Will Smith respond to his “Will” song and music video was a dream come true. Will Smith took to his official Instagram account to show his appreciation for the tribute. “This video is ridiculous. Brother, again I’m humble, and hope to meet you one day,” said Will Smith as he closed out the video post.

For Joyner Lucas it was all worth it and a dream come true, as he took to Instagram and reposted Will Smith’s reaction video. Captioning the video with, “Is this real life??? Bruh I need to take a cold shower and wake up. I’m dreaming right now.”

Will Remix, As Will Smith Makes Joyner Lucas Dream Come True

Since then, Lucas and Will Smith had a one-on-one conversation via a Snapchat video call. On the call they both watched the music video, along with Jaden Smith. (Watch the call here)

Now Will Smith has returned to Hip Hop, making Lucas dream come true, as he appears on song with his idol. Will Smith featured on the remix of ‘Will’, as he drops a lengthy verse praising Lucas, showing love to his idols, and explains how he remained true no matter the hate.

“Sixty million records sold, I was on fire, I ain’t even need a grill / Did it all with no cuss words, I ain’t have to curse just to keep it real / Me and Jazz in the late eighties, writin’ rhymes, makin’ tapes daily / Fresh Prince make the babes crazy, rest in peace to James Avery / Even when the streets call me corny I still ain’t ever let the hate break me / I just wanted the respect first, I still ain’t ever let the fame change me,” Will Smith raps on ‘Will Remix’.


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