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Wiley Banned From Twitter Following Antisemitic Tirade

The “Godfather of Grime”, Wiley, branded Jewish people “snakes” and “cowards” in a tirade of antisemitic social media posts over the weekend.

Wiley, real name Richard Kylea Cowie Jr., sparked outrage and prompted Twitter to ban his account for a week. The 41-year-old “Godfather of Grime” made antisemitic comments on Twitter, placing Jews alongside the Ku Klux Klan. He also clearly claimed that Jews are at “war” with black people and they were responsible for the slave trade.

Following the “Wearing My Rolex” rapper’s tweets, Twitter temporarily locked his account for violating their hateful conduct policy. Furthermore, Wiley’s manager, John Woolf, confirmed A-List Management had cut all ties with the Hip Hop musician as a result of his social media posts.

Wiley Banned From Twitter Following Antisemitic Tirade

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Wider Reaction To Wiley’s Tweets

A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism stated that the conspiracy theories shared by Wiley have caused major upset. For example, they refer to the terrorist attack against Jews in Monsey, New York in December.

Most notably, they also urge swift and appropriate action taken against the rapper. “Wiley has many hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. We have seen that a significant number of them truly believe the unhinged hatred that he is spreading. We are treating this as a very serious matter which must be met with the firmest of responses.”

Additionally, London’s Metropolitan Police Service will now conduct an investigation after receiving numerous reports of alleged anti-Semitic tweets. In a statement the Metropolitan Police said; “The Met takes all reports of anti-Semitism extremely seriously. The relevant material is being assessed.”


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