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Why Meek Mill Feels New Rappers Got Older Artists Shook

Meek Mill caused a stir when he revealed his list of best rappers in Hip Hop at this time.

Taking to Twitter on March 7, the Philadelphia rapper also acknowledged how unsupportive older emcees are towards younger artists.

In the first of two posts, Meek Mill tweeted, “The young artist got the older artist shook after further review ima just be the first to say it. Ima light y’all lil asses up when it’s my turn tho …. keep snapping youngbulls!!!”

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Following on from his statement, Meek Mill tweeted a list of new rappers who he thinks are taking over. “Iil baby …Uzi…nba…Roddy… da baby …herbo…. Megan … it’s more but they all shaking sh*t right now from what I’m seeing!”

This prompted fans to debate both statements and add their own opinions to the bold outburst. Furthermore, discussing who they think should not belong on the list, one fan preferred that Megan wasn’t deserving. While another said Moneybag Yo dropped the best album and had more replay value than anyone Meek Mill listed.

Last month, he linked up with pop sensation Justin Timberlake on the powerful single, ‘Believe’ and launching a new Lids hat, it’s been a busy time for Meek Mill.

On top of his workload, Meek endured two separate private flights in a week that was searched by police. As a result of them going through his bags looking for drugs and weapons, he feels like he’s a victim of racial profiling.

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A video posted online shows the frustration of Meek Mill, who recorded the search in Miami. “How many times we gotta be searched being black, man. I be telling them the least y’all could do is give us an explanation.”


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