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Why Is Tory Lanez Mad At Interscope Records? What Will He Expose?

Something has a high profile music artist upset, and things are about to get real interesting. With his latest Instagram post, everyone is wondering why is Tory Lanez mad at Interscope records?


Tory Lanez took to Instagram to deliver a message to his label. “Interscope Records … If y’all ***** don’t stop playing w/ me … I’ma expose what’s really going on in that ******* building!”

Apparently he is the only artist that feels this way. Rich The Kid replied to the post with, “I’m telling ya.”

Fans who support Tory Lanez are concered, as one in particular wrote, “Chill bro. I ain’t tryna see you killed.” Lanez isn’t worried though. In fact he says, “This is going to be fun tho.. I Promise.”

For Tory Lanez standing up and repping for the next generation is more important. “That’s the difference …. I don’t care. My integrity respect and the path of light that i can show the generation after me is more important than this life that ***** is so scared to lose.”

Although nothing is concrete as far as why Lanez is mad at Interscope records, one has to assume it is because of his latest project “Chixtape 5″. His latest album did not flop, as it reached the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart at number 2. But perhaps Interscope Records did not get much in return from their investment, and hit Tory Lanez with a”bill”.

Why Is Tory Lanez Mad At Interscope Records? What Will  He Expose?

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As explained by Tory Lanez, “Chixtape 5”, did not come cheap. The album has numerous of samples. “We actually didn’t do this from a monetary standpoint, we did this from a standpoint of like, I’m losing money doing the album but what is gonna come out of it? Of course it’s gonna be incredible,” Lanez said during a Hot 97 interview.

Interscope records is the home to some of the top music artists in the world. Artists such as Dr. Dre, DaBaby, Maroon 5, U2, to name a few. His label mates have yet to respond to why Tory Lanez is mad at Interscope records.


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