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Why Is Depression More Than A Brain Disorder? | EP.22

We’re often taught that depression is the result of a chemical imbalance or a disordered brain. But is that the whole story?

Based on research, mental illness stems from our perceptions, environments, and brain chemistry. So, it’s important for us to discuss the multiple ways of treating it, which include creating meaning, belonging, pride, and esteem; the foundations of emotional well-being.

Everyone knows that human beings have innate physical needs — for food, water, shelter, clean air. There is equally clear evidence that human beings have innate psychological needs: to belong, to have meaning and purpose in our lives, to feel we are valued, to feel we have a secure future. Our culture is getting less good at meeting those underlying needs for a large number of people — and this is one of the key drivers of the current epidemic of despair.

– Johann Hari
Why Is Depression More Than A Brain Disorder?

I interviewed in great depth scientists who have conclusively demonstrated that many factors in our lives can cause depression (not just unhappiness: full depression). Loneliness, being forced to work in a job you find meaningless, facing a future of financial insecurity — these are all circumstances where an underlying psychological need is not being met.If you have to choose, then the first one. If not, I like both.

– Johann Hari

Here is the article ‘We Need New Ways Of Treating Depression‘ discussed on this episode by Johann Hari for

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