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Why Drake Mentioned “Team Plane” On The Song Free Smoke

Two years after taunting the Golden State Warriors on the sidelines as he rooted for his home team on to their first championship, Steve Kerr recalls the time he had no choice but to fine Hip Hop superstar Drake.

“We were flying to L.A. after our home game and we all got to the airport and Steph [Curry] and Draymond [Green] weren’t on the plane at the departure time,” Coach Kerr recalls after Sunday’s game (January 10). “Steph said, ‘Oh my fault. I’m with Drake and Draymond and were at the arena still.'”

No problem right? Well, not exactly. Although it is Billboard’s top charting artist in Drake, Steve Kerr stood firm to his rules.

Steph Curry and Drake (Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

“We had a team rule at the time that you could bring a friend on the plane a couple times a year. Unbeknownst to me, Steph decided to use one of his slots for Drake. So Drake got on the plane that night with Draymond and Steph and I fined all three of them for being late. Drake paid his $500 fine,” Kerr said to ABC 7 reporter Chris Alvarez.

Kerr also offers explanation to Drake’s lyrics, stating the rapper referenced that particular day on the song Free Smoke. “I took the team plane from Oracle,” Drizzy raps.

The Warriors defeated the Raptors 106-105.


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