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Sports Jerseys Tupac Wore, Plus Shaq Recalls Shakur Wearing His

During his career, Tupac Shakur was photographed often shirtless, showing off his iconic tattoos such as the one with the words THUG LIFE inked on his stomach. But, on this particular night, Tupac sported a Shaq Orlando Magic jersey, and Shaq was there to see it!

Till this day Tupac is still a hot topic, but one thing no one ever mentions are the various sports jerseys he wore. From the New York Yankees, Duke University, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Red Wings, and Shaq’s Orlando Magic number 32 jersey. In fact, Tupac has worn both the home and away Shaq Jersey on different occasions.

Luckily for Shaq, he ran into Shakur when he was wearing his jersey at a club. A moment he will never forget and recently shared with Complex News. “I saw him that night he had the jersey on. And I just gave him a hug. I just gave him dabs. He was like, ‘Wassup, Dies?’ And I was like, ‘Wassup, ‘Pac?’ and that was it. I used to see him all the time in L.A but never got the chance to sit down with him and conversate,” Shaq said.

During his performance at the club, Tupac sported the Shaquille O’Neal Orlando Magic home jersey. Shakur would also rock the away jersey as well, which was captured along with Bay Area legend E-40. The rare photo with E-40 was shot on September 19, 1993. In the photo 22-year-old Tupac Shakur sports a Shaq away jersey, along with his trademark bandanna.

Complex News would also ask Shaq about which celebrity surprised him the most by wearing his jersey. For Shaq it doesn’t come as a surprise, acknowledging the connection between Hip Hop and the NBA. “I know most rappers love basketball so I know that. I try to give them the same enjoyment they gave me,” Shaq said. “I’mma have to go with ‘Pac. And I think Biggie wore a Laker jersey one time so probably those two.”


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