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Where Did Royce Da 5’9 Rank Jay-Z And Tupac On His Top 5 List?

Detroit native and one of Hip Hop’s top MCs of all time, Royce Da 5’9, appearing on the Fat Joe show via Instagram Live gave his top 5 list. For Royce there is a difference between MC and rapper. With that being said Royce gave his top 5 MCs of all time and revealed his favorite rapper of all time.

“My top 5 MCs — Jay-Z, Biggie, Big L, Eminem, Black Thought,” Royce said when asked by Fat Joe. It has become the norm for any artist who appears on the Fat Joe show to give their top 5 list. Many have selected the likes of Biggie and Big L, but Black Thought is a first on the Fat Joe show.

“You threw a curve ball in there with Black Thought and Black Thought he dead nice,” Fat Joe said. “Man that’s a great added one. He raps his ass off. He’s another one of these guys, unless you paying attention to him you don’t really know how nice he is.”

Where Did Royce Da 5'9 Rank Jay-Z And Tupac On His Top 5 List?
Royce Da 5’9

Black Thought who is the lead MC for the Hip Hop group The Roots and appears frequently on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falon, where he raps and sings, playing games with Falon and his guests.

If these five MCs are on Royce Da 5’9’s top 5 of all time then who is his favorite rapper of all time? “My Top 5 rapper of all time is Tupac,” Royce said. “I don’t think anybody can be compared to.”

Back in 2019 T.I. gave his list for greatest of all time appearing on The Breakfast Club, where he choose Tupac over Jay-Z. Selecting Shakur as his number one rapper of all time, was questioned by Hov himself.

T.I. recalls the time he spoke to Jay-Z on the phone, and was questioned by Hov regarding the Top 50 list. “Hov called. We was talking about something else. Something completely non related, and then he says ‘Oh, and by the way, you really believe that?’, I said yeah.” (View: T.I. Explains Why He Put Tupac Over Jay-Z On Top 50 Greatest List).


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