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What Happened To Keyshia Cole's Instagram And Twitter?

If you are wondering what happened to Keyshia Cole’s Instagram account, look no further than O.T. Genasis.


The Atlanta native O.T. Genasis creative his own remixed version of Keyshia Cole’s classic “Love” song. The mix titled “Never Knew” has became a huge success, but Cole isn’t too pleased with it.

The remix turned one of Keyshia’s classic hot songs into a crip anthem. The music video was released and quickly went viral, only to have Keyshia Cole request the video to be removed. YouTube obliged, and here we are now.

Knowing full well of Keyshia Coles’s displeasure of the remix, O.T. Genasis isn’t quite done yet, as he continues to poke fun at Cole.

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At Hip Hop artist The Game‘s first annual Ugly Sweater party, O.T. Genasis wore a sweater with Keyshia Cole’s photo. The sweater read Merry Crip-mas.

What Happened To Keyshia Cole's Instagram And Twitter?

Why is Keyshia Cole upset with O.T. Genasis?

For those who feel Keyshia Cole overreacted to the song, she would explain her reasons why. “Passion for the music that I had so long ago when I ain’t have no hope… But now, I’m smooth sailing, I’m good, I got my family, getting my mom right. I’m okay. But I’m really trying to get back to where my music used to be, so I would like my classics to be left alone,” she explained on her late night show.

“Is that wrong? As an artist to say… I mean, I love everybody that sings my song.. I had Cardi sing my songs and Bruno Mars was singing it, Trey Songz was singing it in the club. But they keep my lyrics the same, you understand what I’m saying? So, how am I gonna get paid if you’re making new lyrics and you haven’t sent me out a check? I don’t even know how that thing goes. And people hitting me up saying ‘I would never listen to Keyshia Cole’s song the same…’”


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