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What Can We Expect For Tupac In 2020?

Over twenty-three years later and we can still anticipate and perhaps selfishly wish for new material of Tupac in 2020. Can you blame us? Back in 2019 we saw multiple unreleased Tupac footage, with plenty of rare, and never before seen photos of Mr. Makaveli.

2020 is looking very promising for Tupac fans. New projects are in the works, with more unreleased material possibly on the way. Let’s dive into what we can expect from Tupac in 2020!

New Tupac Docuseries

As reported early in 2019, Allen Hughes will be directing a Tupac 5-Part DocuSeries. Hughes and the Tupac Estate have signed off on deal for a 5-part docuseries based on Tupac’s life. According to Deadline the Tupac Estate has granted Allen Hughes full access to Tupac’s released and unreleased material. Hughes will also have access to Tupac’s writings and poetry.

Tupac, Photo by Chi Modu

All this material and the backing of the Tupac Estate will enable Allen Hughes to direct and executive produce the 5-part Tupac docuseries. Hughes won’t take on this project alone, as he will have Lasse Jarvi and Charles D. King. Tom Pellegrini will be producer in a co-production between Interscope Films & MACRO.

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The docuseries which will air on FX, will also featured Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur. Titled Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur, the docuseries was officially announced summer of 2019.

Allen Hughes, Photo courtesy of VAFF

President of Original Programming for FX Entertainment revealed the news at the TCA summer press tour. “Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur, from The Defiant Ones director Allen Hughes. A five-part series looking at the mother and son. Told through the eyes of the people who knew them best. The series explores their message of freedom, equality, persecution and justice.”

The docuseries which is expected the series will air in March of 2020, has reunited the Hughes Brothers on set for the first time in eleven years.

Hughes Brothers on set of Outlaw docuseries

More on the docuseries and latest updates can be found here: Update On Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur Docuseries

1996 Unreleased Interview

For years we have heard of an unreleased interview conducted by radio personality, Angie Martinez. The interview took place in Tupac’s apartment in California. A young Angie Martinez interview the biggest artist in the world, for her very first big interview.

Till this day, Angie has yet to release the interview in it’s entirely. Only 12 minutes of the interview has been heard, with one hour and 48 minutes still unheard. Angie Martinez was reluctant to release the interview at the time, feeling she had a responsibility to not contribute to the West Coast vs. East Coast “war”. According to Angie things said by Tupac Shakur in the interview were, “very uncomfortable to listen to”.

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With that being said, Angie understands this the interview should be released. It’s part of history. ” “I do understand it is part of history,” says Angie to AM to DM. “I’m going to put them out. I am trying to figure it out.”

angie martinez tupac interview
Angie and Tupac, 1996

Feeling the pressure from the world of Hip-Hop, Angie doesn’t want to put an exact release date on when she will release the interview. But, she has stated the interview will finally be heard in 2020. “My goal is within the next year to do a project where they could come out, and people can experience them,” says Angie.

Where are the interview tapes now?

Angie speaking to Page Six recently revealed that the tapes contenting the interview are in a safe location. But, this wasn’t always the case, as Angie explains it was Jay-Z who gave her the best advice when it came to the tapes. “I was in a meeting at Roc Nation and we were talking about my archives because I have all my old interviews on tape. They were literally in boxes in my laundry room and Jay said: ‘Get them out of the room now. Somebody help her get them out of that room now because if there is a flood or a fire it will be destroyed.’”

Angie tells Page Six that the two hour interview is in an actual vault. “The tapes are in a safe, secure place now,” says Angie Martinez.

New album for Tupac in 2020?

The Tupac Estate celebrated a huge victory back in 2018, after a five year fight. Back in 2013, Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur started a legal battle with Entertainment One who was in possession of unreleased recordings. After Afeni’s passing in 2016 the lawsuit continued and finally came to an end in 2018.

As a result the outcome forces Entertainment One to pay the Tupac Estate six figures but more important hand over those unreleased masters. Unreleased masters that we can confirm are from the time Tupac spent on Death Row Records.

tupac and suge knight
Tupac and Suge Knight

Now the question remains, will there be a new Tupac album in 2020? We can expect to hear at least one unreleased Tupac verse on the docuseries Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur. Allen Hughes has been granted by the Tupac Estate full access to unreleased Tupac music.

The official documentary slated to be released by the Tupac Estate, could also be released with a soundtrack that includes unreleased Tupac material.

Official documentary

Tom Whalley, Shakur Estate trustee and Amaru Entertainment, the company created by Afeni Shakur, hired Nigel Sinclair’s White Horse Pictures and Jayson Jackson to team up to produce a fully authorized documentary. The announcement was made in 2017.

No official date yet, but it’s been long enough since the announcement, and we can all hope to see this project finally come to light in 2020.

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Speaking on the project Tupac’s aunt is excited about the new project, ” “I am happy to see this project come to life. This was something that my nephew (Tupac) was very passionate about creating in 1996,” says Gloria Cox.

Gloria Cox and Afeni Shakur

The goal of the film is that of what Afeni Shakur wanted. For everyone to see all of Tupac. Good or bad. “I feel like we have a team she (Afeni) would be very pleased with. It has never been our intention to rewrite the story of Tupac. Our goal has always been to tell the true story, which has never been done before in such a complete way. My sister always said to me, ‘We are not in the business of defending Tupac. Our job is to allow him to be seen in the most complete way, so his actions, his choices, and his words will allow him to speak for himself.’  I believe this film will do exactly that,” explained Tupac’s aunt, Gloria.

What we know so far about the official Tupac documentary

  • Director: Steve McQueen
  • Produced by: Jayson Jackson, Nigel Sinclair, Nicholas Ferrall, and Tom Whalley
  • Executive producer: Gloria Cox (former Outlawz member Kastro’s mother) and Jeanne Elfant Festa


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