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We Working University Educates You On The Music Business

We Working University, an online based educational platform that teaches the inner workings of today’s music business, provides that tools needed for you to succeed and not be left behind in the rapidly evolving music industry.

In 2019, Queens native and one of Hip Hop‘s must influential figures, Steve Lobel, and Johnathan Wade launched We Working University. Along with Future Media Holdings, the California-based digital marketing company, has played a key role in the progress of We Working University.

The paring of Lobel and Wade is what you would hope in a partnership, as the two brought something to the table, complementing each other. “Before building We Working University I was a cinematographer which actually was a major aspect of what made Steve and I’s partnership so complementary. He brought the instructors and all the filming was done in house keeping the cost almost at nothing,” Johnathan Wade tells the O4L Online Network.

We Working University Educates You On The Music Business
Johnathan Wade and Steve Lobel

Filming for ten years, with a resume that consist of documentaries, commercials, and music videos, Wade felt he needed a change in direction. A change that would lead him into the music industry. And, with what better partner than Steve Lobel who knows a thing or two about the world of music.

Lobel known for managing some of the most iconic artists in Hip Hop throughout his career. Artists such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Sean Kingston, Outlawz, Nipsey Hussle, and hit producer Scott Storch. His experience and knowledge in the game has gained the trust and respect from everyone in the business.

We Working University Educates You On The Music Business
Steve Lobel and Gary Vee

At We Working University, students will learn from industry veterans ranging from artists, lawyers, managers, A&Rs, producers, writers, and engineers. The music industry is changing on a daily basis, and We Working University is here to guide you along the way.

Some of these industry professionals that provide their guidance are the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, EIF Rivera, Fat Joe, Charmlamgne Tha God, and Chris Gotti.

Enrollment for We Working University is currently opened. The annual music business subscription billed at $150 gives students access to variety of topics across the music industry.

One hundred plus pre-recorded modules are accessible for instant access as you can control the pace in learning. These interview style videos are taught by instructors as they share their experiences.

Seventy videos are available out the box, with thirty plus videos are added to your membership on an ongoing basis. With 50 plus instructors included in the membership, students will be able to receive tips, tricks, inspiration, and discussions on how to get started and ahead in the music business.

Some of the key aspects of the membership are:

  • Self-Paced Online Music Business Course + Annual Membership
  • Full Access to all non-premium content
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Student Orientation Badges & Assessment
  • Studio Library filled with videos you can watch anytime
  • Exclusive access to discounts, offers for special events, advanced courses, and premium content

With 55 plus hours of learning, students will absorb priceless knowledge that can be used as they take on the music industry in 2020 and years to come. Sign up today! Click here for more information.


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