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Watts Stix Turned Down Cameo Appearance On 2pac Must Die

Appearing on Real 92.3 LA, Watts Stix revealed that Glasses Malone asked him to appear in cameo spot. That particular cameo spot would be for the controversial music video for the song ‘2pac Must Die’.

Watts Stix was asked how he felt about the song by Glasses Malone. Shockingly Watts Stix explained why he was upset. “I was upset because, not because it was ‘2pac Must Die‘, but because he wanted me to be in the video and get jumped,” said Stix.

“He wanted me to be Baby Lane! I was like you ain’t got no respect on me.”

“Respect to G, man that’s like a brother. Like we talk everyday and argue about nothing. I’ve wasted so much time of my life, when I should have been paying attention and bonding with my kids. I’m arguing with this dude.”

Watts details the conversation he had with Malone, when the idea first came about. “Yo I have an idea, 2pac Must Die. It had trans to ‘Tupac Deserve To Die’, to ‘Story Of Orlando’. We would have conversations about this and you know secretly I’d be like champion stuff like that. I just like impact. I’m all about, conversation. In marketing they call it high arousal,” explains Stix.

This “high arousal” has been labeled “clout chasing” and has received serious backlash. Malone’s ‘2pac Must Die’ promted even more negative attention when he appeared on The Breakfast Club. An interview where Malone defending his comments about Snoop being a bigger star than Tupac in the nineties.

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Those comments would also caused a stir between many artist in the hip hop community, especially when Snoop himself co-signed what Malone had said. Many artists such as Warren G and Tupac’s Outlawz weighed in on the conversation and can be seen here.

Reactions to glasses malone by snoop dogg

Stix continued to defend Glasses Malone reasoning for dropping the song, “There is high arousal negativity and high arousal positivity. You either have to have either one or the other in order to make people react.

“When he came up with idea he was like 2pac Must Die. My first reaction was like “You tripping”. But then, based on all the conversations we been having, I was like you tripping but this fire. The concept is gon work,” says Stix.

Watts also breaks down creating the beat and music video for 2pac Must Die.


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