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Watch Tupac’s Cameo Appearance On Patra’s ‘Romantic Call’

Tupac Shakur once made a cameo appearance on Patra’s music video for ‘Romantic Call’, which featured Hip Hop artist Yo-Yo.

Riding around in a 1964 Chevy Impala, Shakur is seen sitting between reggae artist Patra and Yo-Yo, as they cruise down the streets of California. Although the music video was shot in Jamaica as well, Tupac’s cameo appearance along with Yo-Yo was filmed in Cali.

Released in 1994, ‘Romantic Call’ reached its highest peak on the charts at number nine under the Rap category. The single was the third and final single for Patra’s 1993 debut album ‘Queen of the Pack‘, which claimed the number one spot on the Reggae albums chart.

Yo-Yo and Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur and Yo-Yo

Helping to bring in some of that success, was female artist and Compton native Yo-Yo, who drops one verse on the hit single. “I want him laid back
drivin in his cadi, dressed in his khaki / Hangin with the dogs on sixth ave
extra extra sexy,” Yo-Yo kicks off her verse on ‘Romantic Call’.

Tupac and Yo-Yo already had a close relationship that started as early as 1989, so it is not surprising that the up-and-coming female artist would call on Shakur, as he made an appearance in the music video.

Yo-Yo and Tupac dated when Shakur was with Digital Underground, and Yo-Yo was working with Ice Cube. “Met each other early, ’89. When ‘Pac first came out here and we dated. We became great friends which later ended up in a relationship, which turned into a friendship,” Yo-Yo said as she confirmed the rumors during an interview with Sway In The Morning.

“The relationship just couldn’t last. You know I was just introducing myself to the industry. You know I wanted to be free,” Yo-Yo explained.

Interestingly enough Yo-Yo, along with Richard Pryor were slated to appear on ‘Dear Mama’, Tupac’s heartfelt tribute to his mother Afeni Shakur. The original version was never released due to clearance issues as explained by DJ Assassin during an interview with The Art of Dialogue.


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