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Watch Tupac Shakur’s Last On-Camera Full Interview

Plus: The man who interviewed Tupac speaks!

Interviewed by Master T of MUCH during the 1996 MTV VMA after party, Tupac Shakur is seen along side Suge Knight surrounded by an entourage holding Death Row East signs.

“Do you believe in God,” Tupac says wearing a white Death Row East T-Shirt and his infamous Euthanasia chain. “Believe in Death Row East. Believe in that, for real. If you believe in God, believe in Death Row East.”

Held on September 4th 1996 in New York’s Radio City Music Hall, the MTV VMA’s had the entire Death Row family in attendance. Including Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, and Suge Knight. Shakur was nominated for Best Rap Music Video for hit single ‘California Love’ featuring Dr. Dre, but would lose to Coolio’s ‘Gangsta Paradise’.

Well, according to Tupac he did not lose. “Oh no I didn’t lose, cause I sold six and a half million copies, so I won,” Tupac said during a sit down interview with Snoop Dogg for MTV News after the completion of the awards show.

The VMA after party was held at Bryant Park and was the location for the infamous Tupac and Nas face off. Thankful the meeting between the two Hip Hop icons ended peacefully as cooler heads prevailed. Speaking to Ebro In The Morning in August of 2020, Nas reflected on the infamous showdown. “We had a great convo. He explained that he thought I was dissing him on the song ‘The Message’,” Nas said. “Last person I was even thinking about when I wrote that record.” (View: Nas Reflects On New York Meeting With Tupac Days Before He Passed)

Prior to running into Nas, Shakur gave his last on-camera interview where he elaborated on his plans for Death Row East. “We plan to take the same strategy we use with Death Row West, which is mind over matter, taking all our weakness and making it to our strengths,” Tupac explains. “We already run the streets out here. So now we’re gonna help some of these brothers get their money on, cause we know they got talent.”

Master T who interviewed Tupac on this particular night spoke with Entertainment Report Podcast. As Master T explained the interview was completely spontaneous, but when Suge Knight was asked if MUCH could interview Tupac, Death Row CEO was all for it.

This wasn’t the first time Master T had seen Tupac in person. “I seen him before. I seen him at the Def Jam Soul Train Music Awards party,” revealed Master T. “Tupac was standing with two girls in his arms. Suge Knight is carrying Method Man out, he was drunk. And, Tupac was standing there so put off like ‘This is not how you act’.”

Master T was is in total awe of Shakur despite everything that was going on at the moment. Never would he image that seven months later he would conduct Tupac’s last on-camera interview. “Its a weird position to be in, because I remember I had to announce on my show that he is no longer with us.”

Fast forward to 1:11:13 to hear Master T talk about interviewing Tupac Shakur.


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