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Watch The Rare Tupac Shakur Bathtub Photo Shoot

Tupac Shakur has had many iconic photo shoots from various photographers such as Chi Modu, Mike Miller, and Dana Lixenberg. But it is the Tupac Shakur bathtub photo shoot that is his most creative, dramatic and forgotten at times.

Photographer David LaChapelle is the man behind the iconic Tupac Shakur bathtub photos. LaChapelle has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Kayne West, Miley Cyrus, Paris Jackson and many more.

In 2018 Rolling Stones interviewed David LaChapelle where he was asked about working with the Hip Hop icon Tupac Shakur. LaChapelle and Tupac both had something in common which made the shoot that much easier. “He was somebody very into the arts, having gone to an art high school like I did. So it was easy for him to accept it. He was interested in creating something dramatic.” As a teen, Tupac attended the Baltimore School for the Arts.

Quickly to observe Tupac’s many sides, LaChapelle felt Tupac was an artist at heart. “He was a complex person and definitely adept at adapting to whatever situation he’s in. He’s an artist and a sensitive artist, yet I think when he was with different people it was different. When he was with his friends from the music business, he was much harder,” explained LaChapelle.

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Footage from the photo shoot has been available online for years now, but it is one that doesn’t get mentioned much. In the video Tupac can be seen with Outlawz members EDI, Kastro, and the late great Yaki Kadafi.


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