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Watch The Best Tupac Shakur MTV Moments Of All Time

MTV has created memorable moments throughout its existence of 1981. growing up in the nineties viewers echoed “I want my MTV”. Part of those memorable nineties moments includes that of Hip Hop’s icon, Tupac Shakur.

Tupac Shakur is no stranger to memorable moments. Aside from MTV, Tupac has made incredible moments throughout his musical and acting career. But, as we witnessed with the biopic ‘All Eyez On Me‘, it is impossible to sum up all of Tupac’s story and moments into a two hour film.

Same can be said for this article, so let’s focus on only some of the best MTV Tupac moments.


Tupac Interviewed On Venice Bench

In 2019 MTV released never before footage of an interview that was conduced in 1995 by MTV correspondent Tabitha Soren. Small portion of the interview had been seen in the Tupac documentary “Resurrection”, but not until this release had we heard Tupac speak various topics. Topics such as his biological father, and his childhood.

The interview was conducted days after Tupac’s release from pison. Tupac spoke about changing his ways and remaining focus, “I think that I’m really I was a reactionary and now I don’t do that anymore. Same person, just I don’t react. Before I reacted I didn’t like the cameras, I’d spit.”

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In Studio Interview With Tupac And Tabatha Soren

After their walk on Venice bench, Tupac Shakur and MTV correspondent Tabitha Soren continued the interview indoors.

In the interview Tupac speaks on his time in prison, Ayanna Jackson, the New York shooting, and his new album. Tupac calls the album ‘Euthanasia‘ but later would be changed to ‘All Eyez On Me’, his debut album on Death Row Records.

This is one of Tupac’s most relax and introspective interviews as he also touches on feeling suicidal and maturing. “I feel like I’ve grown and matured, but I don’t think jail had to anything with it.”

Tupac Talks Greed, The Rich And The Poor

During the time Tupac was recording a song for “A Very Special Christams Vol. 2” he was also interviewed by MTV. The album’s goal was to help benefit the Special OIympics.

Unfortunate for Tupac legal problems would affect Tupac’s participation on the album. Although this is Tupac’s first MTV interview as a solo artist, the interview would never officially air. “‘I know you’re rich. I know you got 40 billion dollars, but cann you just keep it to one house. You only need one house. And, if you only got two kids, can you just keep it to two rooms. Why have 52 rooms and you know somebody with no rooms.”

Tupac YO! MTV Raps Funny Outtakes

Showing casing his comical side, Tupac is seen recording a drop for Yo! MTV Raps. In the video it takes multiple hilarious recordings before Tupac finally delivers.

Who Got The Juice?

Another Tupac memorable moments comes once again from Yo! MTV Raps. Promoting his new movie ‘Juice‘, Tupac jokingly gets into a “fight” with one of the hosts.

Making an appearance during the interview is another cast member from the movie ‘Juice’, Omar Epps.

Two Of Amerika’s Most Wanted

MTV caught up with Tupac straight after the awards show, for an interview alongside Snoop Dogg. The interviewer started off by asking Tupac if he was disappointed with losing ‘Best Rap Video’. Tupac’s response showcases how business like minded he was, “Oh no, I didn’t lose see, because I sold 6.5 million copies.. so I won”.

When asked about seeing The Notorious B.I.G or Puffy and the ‘beef’ with Bad Boy, Tupac aims fire at the media for blowing the whole situation up. “The east coast, west coast thing is something that the journalists and people are making up just to get paid out of this and so it can drag out. So they’re perpetuating this so there could be drama, which I still love MTV. But when it all goes down, don’t look at me and Biggie and be like why is there a big east coast, west coast war when you’re shooting this to 30 – 300 homes, 300 countries telling them about a east coast, west coast war. They would never know it exists. So that’s where information becomes a problem. I mean if you lose… I gotta be the one to let you know.”

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One Nation or East Vs. West?

In one of Tupac’s last interview he addresses the so call east Coast west Coast war. “The new vibe that everybody wanna be on about it being a war between the east coast and the west coast. It’s really just a problem with two rappers, and everybody wanna make it bigger than it is.”

During the interview Buckshot from Boot Camp Click can be seen. Buckshot along others were suppose to be on an album titled ‘One Nation’ by Tupac. “Boot Camp and Outlawz we gon just team up and do this right,” explains Tupac. “Squash the drama. Let’s get back to making some money.”


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