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Watch Malaynah’s “Loaded” Music Video As Princess Of The West Is Back

Los Angeles native, and one of Hip Hop‘s brightest new stars, Malaynah, is back with her latest single “Loaded” with visuals directed by James Bahman.

The young 20-year-old who’s signature Mondays in-car freestyles has captured the eyes of many including Cardi B — is guaranteed to have all eyes on her with this new single. Showing her talent and versatility on the mic, Malaynah’s new single “Loaded” showcases her growth not only in her music but personally.

Clearly with a chip on her shoulder, the Eleven:11 artist is letting her lyrics do the talking. “Eye ballin’ your plate, ate your food and I’m still hungry / Yah u on the charts but to us you just a lil homie / Yah, Malaynah bossed up, I had no choice / Guns in your hands don’t make you real, J. Cole voice,” Malaynah on her new single “Loaded”.

Tatiana Suarez and Malaynah (Photo by @isnapvisuals)

Video director James Bahman (@Jamesbfamex) was called upon again to shoot countless hours with the talented artist. Days of shooting which had Malaynah running on Red Bull. “During filming, I was drinking Red Bulls left and right because I was running on four hours of sleep from a 12 hour shoot the night before,” Malaynah said. “When I got to see the final edits I was so proud of my team and myself for powering through!”

Bahman has also directed various videos for Malaynah such as ‘Karma’ and ‘Wait A Minute’. (Also view: Malaynah Shares 10 Fun Facts From Her “Loaded” Music Video Shoot). According to Malaynah there is one more video in the stash that has yet to be released. “He’s the guy who directed Karma, Outta My Face, Wait A Minute and another one that hasn’t been released yet! Shout out to him and his team. Mad love.”

For Bachman it is all about teamwork. “It’s always great working with Malaynah! She brings the energy every time and really gives it 100%. Her team is phenomenal as well and everyone is on point so it’s a great experience every time,” Bahman said speaking to the O4L Online Network. “This time around it was different because I had an amazing crew composted of rockstar DP / friend Justin Jones and his team: Michael Blevins (gaffer) and Aric Abraham (1st. AC). They really took my vision and made it the best it could be! Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Making a cameo appearance in the music video is UFC strawweight fighter, Tatiana Suarez. “Super honored Tatiana was apart of my project,” said Malaynah.


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