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Watch Gervonta Davis, 6ix9ine Video – 69 Rocks To 50 Cent’s Many Men

Tekashi 69 has been away from the spotlight for weeks now, but that was until Saturday night when a video surfaced of 6ix9ine and Gervonta Davis.

In a series of video clips shared by Akademiks, 6ix9ine is seen throwing money in the Miami Club Booby Trap On The River Saturday night (November 28), In the video 69 is apparently seen antagonizing Davis.

Gervonta Davis And 6ix9ine Video From Club Incident
Gervonta Davis (Prince Williams / Getty)

Reports suggest that although Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer, the 24-year-old would not have been able to get his hands on 6ix9ine because of the amount of security that was on hand that evening.


In the short video clips, you can see 6ix9ine shouting at Davis, but nothing becomes of the verbal exchange. What did occur is the rapper throwing up large amounts of money, $50 dollar bills to be exact, state witnesses on hand.

Tekashi 69 was also rocking out to 50 Cent‘s Many Men hit, where his manager Murda Murphy is also seen in the video. Along with Murphy and 69’s security, was his girlfriend Jade who turned 24-years-old on November 25th. (Also view: 69’s Manager To Fans: Do Not Stream The Tekashi Hulu Documentary)

As of yet no further video has surfaced from the night, but Davis did take to his Instagram story with the following, “Snitchk, You get hit for just being around a mf… but who am I!”

Akademiks reported on Monday afternoon and revealed what 6ix9ine told him about the incident. “Gervonta Davis tried to run up in my section and got choked out by my security.” 69 also asked Akademiks to find the footage.


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