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Watch Casanova Vs The Rock In Teremana Tequila Challenge

Hip Hop artist and fan of the WWE, Casanova, recently challenged The Rock to a Teremana Tequila challenge, and the people’s champ accepted!

Back on May 13th, Casanova took to his official Instagram account to challenge the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment. In attempt to lay the smackdown on The Rock, Casanova issued a challenge to the great one.

The Brooklyn rapper, challenged The Rock to drink more than him, but not just any drink. Casanova used The Rock’s own Teremana Tequila, which is labeled as “The tequila of the people!”

Watch Casanova Vs The Rock In Teremana Tequila Challenge

“TERA is meant to represent “Terre” which means of the earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us. Spirit of the earth. The goal is to create a tequila that is the best of quality and taste, but done the right way – by hand,” The Rock said in a press release.

For this particular challenge the Teremana Tequila Blanco is used. The Blanco has notes of bright citrus with a smooth, fresh finish. There is also a reposado flavor as well, which more info can be found on the official web site.

“I heard everybody is drinking this tequila right here. It’s The Rock’s tequila, but they don’t want no smoke with me, they know my body,” Casanova said on the IG video post. “A drink different. I do things different. So you know what I’ma do? I’ma challenge The Rock himself to drink more liquor than me.”

Casanova would drink a quarter of the bottle, which would prompt Dwayne Johnson to respond in the comments section with, “Oh really? You ain’t ready for this smoke cas. Challenge accepted.”

Although it would take The Rock 10 days to post his own video on Instagram, the great one wasn’t backing down from the challenge. “And the Challenge was, you popped a brand new bottle. You drank it, and you say you can drink more than me,” The Rock said while listening to Casanova’s 2AM featuring Tory Lanez and Davido.

The Rock would proceed to surpass the amount drunk by Casanova, but soon after revealed that he had filled the bottle with water! “Let me tell you one more think. I filled this whole thing with water, but I got your ass.”

In honor of their brotherhood, The Rock closed out the video by saying he is going to send a box of Teremana Tequila to Casanova.

Casanova gladly took the “L” regardless if The Rock cheated, posting on Instagram his appreciate for the great one. “I’m really excited that my favorite wrestler/Movie star accepted my challenge.Even let me win knowing you could out drink me your the People’s Champ for real and nothing will ever change that..On a serious note your @teremana tequila is one of the best in the game you did your thing with this one champ.If y’all didn’t try it yet y’all don’t know what y’all missing better get you some.”


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