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Watch As Cardi B Is Inked With New Painful Tattoo!

With phase one of the pandemic under way, artists are settling back into their normal lifestyles, and Cardi B is no different as she reveals her new tattoo which she calls painful.

Via her Instagram Story, the Grammy Award-winning Hip Hop artist shared her new tattoo this past Sunday, June 14. The three part video, also has a message over a red colored background with the words, “I be raking paing like a motherf—er”, Cardi expresses.

New Cardi B tattoo

During the video, Cardi B clearly in pain, can only do so much but laugh, and provide commentary as she is inked. “Did you guys know that this part of the body, like the stomach hip part, it hurts the most,” Cardi B said. “Like it can literally take your breath away. And, I’m just doing this video so I can procrastinate.”

The finishing product took weeks to complete, and hours of pain for Cardi B. “So after ten years I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover.This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted.”

Watch As Cardi B Is Inked With New Painful Tattoo!

Back on May 22nd of this year, Cardi B showed off her latest back tattoo which took several months to complete. The tattoo which goes from the top of Cardi’s back all the way to middle of her thigh was inked by tattoo artist Jamie Schene (@jamie_schene).


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