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Was Snoop Responsible For Tupac Joining Death Row Records?

Interview clip with Reggie Wright Jr. by The Art Of Dialogue, where he is asked was Snoop responsible for Tupac joining Death Row records?

Snoop has been on a media run as of late for his new album ‘I Wanna Thank Me’. During this run Snoop has appeared on shows such as The Breakfast Club and Big Bog TV. On these shows Snoop has taken credit for Tupac getting out of jail and joining Death Row records.

“I’m the reason why Tupac was on Death Row. I told Suge go get Tupac. I’m the reason for a lot of things that happened cause I was the one that always to speak up. Nah that ain’t right. Nah I ain’t wit that. Even when Pac and Biggie was into it. I would tell Pac, nah cuz, that ain’t cool. He don’t want none,” explains Snoop on Big Boy TV.

Snoop would reiterate those claims once again on the Breakfast Club, “I actually got him to Death Row records. Suge go get cuz he need to be with us. He need a team.”

Keisha Morris, Tupac’s ex-wife

Previously it had been well known that Keisha Morris, Tupac’s ex wife played a big role in getting Tupac out of jail by contacting Suge Knight. The Art Of Dialogue mentioned this to Reggie Wright Jr., who was head of security for Death Row records at the time. Not only head of security at the time, but also was with Suge when he went to visit Tupac in prison.

Was Snoop Responsible For Tupac Joining Death Row Records or was it Keisha Morris?

“Keisha did make the phone call and reached out to Suge. Uh, number one, the main thing was uh, ‘Pac felt like Interscope had left him for dead. He had the number one album in the country out. And he was broke. He didn’t have any money and his mom was homeless,” explained Reggie.

“He knew that Suge had a great relationship and influence over at Interscope records. That was the main reason that he reached out to Suge and wanted Keisha to call him and for him to get up there,” continues Reggie.

Suge visits Tupac in prison

Despite being on house arrest, Suge’s lawyer at the time, David Kenner, worked it out with the courts for Suge to visit Tupac. “He went inside the prison with an ankle bracelet on, flew to New York and went in and pretended to be a paralegal with David Kenner,” says Reggie Wright Jr.

Reggie Wright Jr. also made the trip to New York but did not go inside the prison as he waited in the car. According to Reggie, Tupac asked Suge to see if he can get him out of prison because everyone else was falling short of their promises. People such as Jada Pinkett Smith, Madonna and Jasimine Guy.

Suge and David Kenner would then sort things out and would revisit Tupac in prison about three weeks later. “Pac was still saying how his mom was homeless and that things, you know, that nobody was, had still not came through for him. But David had, and Suge had good news. They had found out that there’s a way that they can possibly get him out on a appeal bond. They presented that to Pac and Pac was like man, cool,” says Reggie.

Tupac was willing to sell his publishing rights to Suge, Suge according to Reggie told Tupac no. All Suge wanted was Pac to come home. Suge promised Tupac to have Interscope sell the rights over to Death Row records. Suge would also look out for Afeni and purchased her a new home in Georgia.

Snoop is a liar

The question remains a hot topic. Was Snoop responsible for Tupac joining Death Row records? According to Reggie, Snoop is a liar.

“For him to be out here portraying and tryna fool everybody like “hey Suge Death Row doing good and we got all this money, we’re making things happen. Why don’t you go up there and see about getting Pac out of jail, cause man that will take us to another level.” He is a mother f**king liar. He’s lying. It didn’t go like that,” says Reggie referring to Snoop claiming he got Pac to Death Row records.

“Keisha was the one that made the call and is the one that Suge and Pac always gave credit to reaching to Suge and putting everything in motion to get him out of prison on the appeal bond,” said Reggie.

Suge tried to sign Tupac in the early 90s

Snoop had also gone on to claim that Suge and Tupac had no relationship when he was interviewed on The Breakfast Club. ” “Suge and Tupac had no relationship before Death Row. He was my friend. Yeah, know that. then they became friends, because Suge was the boss and thats what Suge do. He treat you like a king.”

According to Reggie Suge had tried to sign Tupac right after the ‘Above The Rim’ movie. Tupac went on to deny the offer but did receive the most he had ever been paid for two songs by Suge Knight. Songs that were suppose to be on the Above The Rim soundtrack.


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