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Was Kid Cudi Unhappy With Eminem Collaboration?

After dropping his much anticipated collaboration with Eminem, Kid Cudi was falsely accused of being unhappy with the song.

In disbelief, Kid Cudi took to Twitter responding a report made by NME, which claimed the Cleveland native had issues with the Eminem collaboration. NME released an article with the headlined “Kid Cudi admits he wasn’t happy with his Eminem collaboration at first”. Adding to the misleading headline, is a sub-headline that read, “Yo bro, you fucking destroyed this shit.”

Cudi via his official Twitter account quickly denounced the report that stated he was unhappy. “Never said this and im not sure how yall came up w it. I was clearly excited about my feature. Never once said I was unhappy about it nor did my energy suggest that. So to NME, get ur shit together and stop spreading LIES.”

In a follow up Tweet, Kid Cudi ensured to show love to all who have supported the collaboration. “To all the positive press the song has received, I LOVE YOU!!”

The Eminem and Kid Cudi collab ‘The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady‘, almost did not happen. Initially Eminem had no idea about the collaboration, until he was told by Lil Wayne during an interview on Young Money Radio.


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