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Wale Surprises Fans With Rick Ross, Meek Mill ‘Routine’ Song

Three headed monsters are back!

Breaking the news first on Hot 97‘s Ebro In The Morning, Wale confirms the reunion of Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and himself on the new album ‘Wow That’s Crazy’. “Three headed monsters are back,” says an enthusiastic Wale.

Dropping his sixth studio album titled ‘Wow That’s Crazy’, Wale did not list Rick Ross and Meek Mill on the track list for the song ‘Routine’. “We didn’t put it on the track list, cause it’s like come on this ride with us,” explains Wale.

Wale Surprises Fans With Rick Ross, Meek Mill 'Routine' Song off Wow That's Crazy album
Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale

All credit goes to Meek for ‘Routine’, as Wale explains, Meek lead the way, “It sounds like a Meek record. He had the direction or it. I think he might have sent it to me… I think he was still locked up when he sent me the record.”

Although Wale has plenty in the stash box when it comes to records with Rick Ross and Meek, ‘Routine’ energy was undeniable. “I got like seventeen records with Ross, and like ten with Meek, so it was just a matter of which one I wanted to put out on the album,” says Wale. “It got a lot of energy.”

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The hip hop trio, have been collaborating for years and have built a real bond with one another. Appearing on songs together such as ‘Ambition’ and ‘Pandemonium’.

But, that’s not to say that everything has been smooth throughout their friendship. “We embodied what a family is,” says Wale. “Ross caught me a couple of times. We go there, We bump heads too, but it’s never on that level.”


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