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Wale Reveals Who Told Him First About Mac Miller Passing

Appearing on Hot 97‘s Ebro In the Morning as part of his media run for his new album ‘Wow… That’s Crazy”, Wale reflects on the passing of his friend Mac Miller.

Mac Miller passed away a year ago due to accidental drug overdose. Cameron James Pettit was arrested in connection with Miller’s death. If convicted Cameron can face a minimum of 20 years in prison, and possible life in prison. Authorities believe that Pettit “delivered counterfeit oxycodone pills that contained fentanyl—a dangerous synthetic opioid—cocaine, and Xanax”, to Miller.

Wale Reveals Who Told Him First About Mac Miller Passing
Mac Miller

When asked by Rosenberg how Wale took the news, he revealed it was J. Cole who broke the news to him. “I was in my crib and I was recording something, and Cole, J. Cole called me. For whatever reason I didn’t hear him clearly. I heard him say something like… what I heard is Mac Miller is dead. I stepped outside, and in my mind I was like I should call Mac. And Cole was like ‘I don’t think you heard what I said’. So, I turned the music down and he told me, and I just hung up.”

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Wale expressed guilt for Miller’s passing, stating he was suppose to see him two days before his tragic passing. “I was just being lazy, high, whatever in the studio, and I just went home to sleep. I mean you know we always get that guilt when our friends pass away, like I could have done more, this that and a third.”

Not being a stranger of the ups and downs in life, Wale felt he could have spoken to Miller and gotten his message a crossed to his friend. “It takes one to know one. I been in my darkest days, and I could feel it, cause he had a show in D.C., and some of the texts he spent me, I was oh man,” explains Wale. “And I felt like I could have probably known how to talk to him in a way that didn’t look like I was attacking him. I was just like nah I’ma just see him.”


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