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Wale Drops ‘The Perfect Storm’ Inspired By The Current Times

D.C. native Hip Hop artist Wale dropped a surprise EP titled ‘The Perfect Storm’, inspired by the current movement against racism and police brutality.

Motivated by the protests and the Black Lives Movement, Wale dropped six new songs on the new project. Along with the artwork for the EP, designed up Kenny Hying using an image of the protests in L.A., Wale utilizes the power of Hip Hop as he reaches millions of listeners.

“Look, this edible done made me astronaut
I try to watch to the news but I’m lashin’ out
My daughter seen the murder on cellular phone
And that was not on purpose, was orderin’ Trolls
Okay, they mad, they mad, they mad, they hot
Thinkin’ the badge is better than havin’ some heart
Okay, look now, look now, look how they runnin’
They beatin’ white people down just to show us what’s comin’
Or to show us we nothin’, or to show us we only welcome when singin’ or ballin,” Wale (The Perfect Storm) verse on June 5th / QueenZnGodZ.

Wale is currently up for a BET Award nomination for ‘Best Collaboration’ with his song “On Chill” featuring Jeremih. The lead single for Wale’s sixth studio album peaked at number 22 on the U.S. Billboard 100 chart, along with over 70 million views on YouTube for the official music video.


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