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Waka Flocka Explains Why He Called Himself A Wack Rapper

After referring to himself as a wack rapper, Waka Flocka goes further into why he feels that way, as he appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

Although Waka teased retirement from the music industry, he has already transitioned himself from being an artist to working on his brand. Something that he believes will last longer and have more value.

“Brand don’t go nowhere. Brands become vessels, and artists become platforms. Most artist expire. I was afraid to expire,” explained Waka Flocka.

“More like defeat. I don’t want to lose,” says Waka. “Just to compete with anyone else you wrong, cause everybody equal in the eyes of God. So, you should always compete with yourself. You should always want better for yourself.”

Waka Flocka Explains Why He Called Himself A Wack Rapper

When asked about his comments, calling himself a wack rapper, Waka Flocka is not taking it back. “For me I always wanted to be a better artist. I think I maximized that,” said Waka. “I grew up to hard Hip Hop. Like me compared to Big L, Big Pun, Kool G Rap, with these guys I stand no chance.”

Throughout his music career Waka released three studio albums, was nominated for multiple awards, and earning top Billboard spots on the charts.

Despite the success, for Waka Flocka, his measurement of success is not what other may view success to be. “What people view success, that’s not my success. That was part of my transition to becoming successful.”

That transition only comes natural to Waka, who started rapping t the age of 23 and never really wanted to rap in the first place. “I never wanted to be an artist. I wanted to be a chairman. I wanted to be a business. I wanted to bring equality to people that didn’t have it.”

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This is all no accident, nor is it an excuse for Waka Flocka. Every move is plotted as he continues to grow his brand. Even as an artist on tour, Waka was thinking ahead. Planting the seeds of what was to come. “I never was in a box. I put myself in the box, and when I got there I was like this is what ya’ll call success. Going on shows and picking up a bag, that’s not success.”

“I used shows for education. All these colleges I always wanted to go to, I just booked myself twenty times at that college. So, like any other person, if you go to Yale twenty times, you gonna pick up something,” said Waka.


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